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Proposed Devolution Settlements: Scotland and Wales Compared

I don’t think this needs much commentary. With thanks to SP for the analysis.

After the St. Andrews and St. David’s agreements…what will the Scottish Government be able to do which the Welsh Government won’t?

The Scottish Government will have responsibility for:

  •  Administering justice, including:
    • Civil, criminal and family law
    • Youth justice
    • Managing and operating tribunals
    • Providing legal aid
    • Regulating the legal profession
    • Allowing the use of languages other than English in courts if it chooses to
  •  Policing and public order, including:
    • Administering police forces
    • Preventing and detecting crime
    • Setting powers of arrest and detention
    • Running prison, probation and offender management services
    • Maintaining criminal records
    • Controlling anti-social behaviour
    • Setting drink driving limits
    • Controlling dangerous dogs and hunting with dogs
    • Licensing alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshments
    • Regulating fixed-odds betting terminals
    • Regulating private security and CCTV
    • Regulating safety at sports grounds
  • Controlling aspects of social welfare, including:
    • Providing housing and employment top-up benefits through a regulated social fund
    • Administering certain benefits for people with disabilities, carers, children, young people and those with industrial injuries
  •  Protecting consumers, including:
    • Regulating the sale and supply of goods and services
    • Ensuring consumer safety
  •  Controlling Crown Estate assets
  •  Consenting energy projects over 350MW
  •  Conserving energy by prohibiting certain activities
  •  Setting Air Passenger Duty
  •  Controlling Sunday trading
  •  Setting bank holidays
  •  Registering births, marriages, Civil Partnerships & deaths
  •  Administering land registration and Land Charges
  •  Setting teachers’ pay and conditions

The only footnote is that, with thanks to Elfyn Llwyd, we finally have cast-iron proof of the gutless, spineless individual that is Carwyn Jones our First Minister. Apparently putting his head in his hands is the appropriate response to being denied devolution of policing by his “great friend” Owen Smith MP . With friends like Owen…


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