English Votes English Laws – the Perfect Solution

Much is being said at the moment about this tricky predicament of English Votes for English Laws. And it must be tricky – after all, William Hague has just announced four possible options, and David Jones, another of our beloved former Secretary of States for Wales, with his usual razor-like wordplay has coined the snappy phrase “English and/or Welsh Votes for English and/or Welsh Laws”.

But here’s a revelation for you. Because all of this talk, this chatter, this debate, this Command Paper and all the rest can be put to bed. I’ve got a much simpler solution.

My attention has been drawn to this paper from the House of Commons. It tells us that in the 14 years so far this century, 99% of each and every vote there has been in the House of Commons went the way that English MPs wanted it to. So in order to ensure a fair settlement for England, with English Votes for English Laws, we need to do… precisely nothing.

How’s that working out for us here in Wales, by the way? It turns out that over the course of this Parliament, since 2010, just 26% of votes went the way MPs from Wales wanted them to. So a question for my Dependence-favouring (Unionist) followers. Wales benefits from this level of democracy how, exactly?

Rhowch sylw

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Gadael Ymateb

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