This guest post by Sandra Clubb, who has started a community campaign to keep the local fish monger, has resonance for almost every settlement in Wales. Take action, Penarth!

The Penarth community is rallying on behalf of Charles Sadler’s (fish, game and poultry shop, Royal Buildings Penarth established 1899) after the shock news this week that the shop will close on Saturday the 5th October after 114 years trading – unless Penarth comes to its aid.

One of a large number of independent traders in Penarth’s vibrant town centre, Sadler’s has been a mainstay of the local economy.  The ability to buy fresh fish, along with a wide range of game and poultry has meant that shoppers can find the full range of food types in Penarth without having to set foot in a supermarket.  How many towns of Penarth’s size can boast two butchers, two greengrocers and two independent bakeries, plus a fish monger?

Unless we step in as a community, this description will no longer apply to Penarth because if we lose our fish monger we will almost certainly never get one back.  This would be an enormous blow to the viability of our fantastic town centre, not to mention a devastating loss of a piece of Penarth history.  Sadler’s has been around since the very early days of Penarth’s development as a town, and as such every single resident will lose something if it closes.  Our children will not have the chance we have had to benefit from fresh fish purchased locally.

The campaign aim is as follows: for individual shoppers and households to sign up to a £15 per month direct debit with Sadler’s.  Taking into account the 10% ‘Shop in Penarth’ scheme discount that Sadler’s offer, this will enable account holders with the shop to collect or have delivered £16.66 of fish/game/poultry per month for their £15 commitment.

If you are willing to make this commitment to save Sadler’s, and at the same time ensure a regular helping of healthy fish in your diet, drop in to Sadlers (8 Royal Buildings, Penarth CF64 3EG) or call them on 02920 709100 to register your interest.


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