Penblwydd Hapus Penarth a’r Byd!

Well it’s been a year since Penarth a’r Byd came into existence. I should pay testament to town councillor Janice Birch, and ex-councillors John Fraser, Jennifer Baker, Kenneth Land and Sophie Williams, for spurring me into action with behaviour such that

the councillors were an embarrassment to Penarth

Perhaps these jumped-up councillors have spent too long watching Westminster Committees chewing up News of the World media barons and fancied a pop at some witnesses of their own. Just for you, councillors, here’s my take on the situation.

These students did Penarth a wonderful service. They bestowed on us a wonderful gift that you shoved back in their faces. One of the students travelled from Spain just to be in Penarth Town Council on 3 November. The behaviour of our elected representatives was so reprehensible that at least two people I know of are considering standing against you in May’s elections as a result – so at least there’s one silver lining to this miserable story.

But what a year we’ve had!

Two glorious sets of elections – goodness, three actually, and various other political intrigue to get involved with.

From the point of view of Penarth a’r Byd, the blog has exceeded all expectations. Since the first post, we’ve racked up 8,876 hits. I’m tempted to think that shows there’s a market for independent analysis of the political situation in Penarth – analysis that could be replicated in every community the length and breadth of Wales.

Just for fun, I thought it would be worth posting a few stats from the site. So here are the top 10 posts:

  1. Predictions for 3 May 2012
  2. An irresistible offer
  3. Candidates 2012
  4. Penarth a’r Byd
  5. Announcing Penarth’s new MP
  6. Your local party
  7. Buttrills 2012
  8. A disastrous appointment and the democratic deficit
  9. Schools for Penarth
  10. New voices for Penarth

And since late February this year (ask WordPress why they won’t give all-time stats on this one), the overwhelming majority of hits have come from the UK. But there are some outliers, indicating that the Penarth diaspora has spread far and wide:

  1. UK – 7,601
  2. USA – 471
  3. Canada – 125
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina – 61
  5. Norway – 55
  6. Malaysia – 46
  7. Denmark – 20
  8. Australia – 20
  9. India – 16
  10. Poland – 16
  11. UAE – 11
  12. Estonia – 10
  13. France – 10
  14. Germany – 10
  15. Philippines – 10
  16. 37 other countries with 9 or fewer views

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there are fewer hits in 2013, since the biggest factor driving interest (and articles!) is elections. But it’s time to roll up the sleeves and see whether or not there aren’t a few more juicy articles worth putting pen to paper about. And I might just already have one or two in store…


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One response to “Penblwydd Hapus Penarth a’r Byd!

  1. kzrkhz52

    Although I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Penarth-ar-Byd I do think this blog has been, over the last 12 months, a formidable addition to the proper scrutiny of councillors and politicians in Penarth and thoroughly deserves a celebratory pat-on-the-back.
    So thin is the “news” coverage in the Barry-produced “Penarth Times” weekly newspaper that an alternative blog called “Penarth News” is now up and running.
    This does not in any way impinge or attempt to supplant the acerbic analysis and in-depth political coverage of Penarth-ar Byd which I trust will continue and expand. I’m sure both blogs can work together to help create a better-informed and more “engaged” electorate.

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