I agree with Alun

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve been critical of Alun Michael in the past.

But today he said something rather sensible:

People don’t want people on the beat just for the sake of seeing them,” he argued.

“The public are more sophisticated than just asking for bobbies on the beat.

“What they want is to know that the police are there when they need them, that they are tackling their priorities and that they respond quickly when they need to ask the police to deal with an incident or events.

I couldn’t agree more. I think the public is more sophisticated than just asking for bobbies on the beat in an impotent show of publicity.

So perhaps Alun should have a few quiet words with this guy, who has said recently:

Local people are really feeling the effects of cuts to services and numbers of local police on the street…

My pledge to you: Keep police on the beat

Clearly he doesn’t think the public in Penarth and Cardiff South is very sophisticated.


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2 responses to “I agree with Alun

  1. Cynon Davies

    We need not worry about Doughty. Alun has promised (in today’s Penarth Times) to carry on looking after us all here in Penarth. What is more concerning is that Alun is complaining he still doesn’t know what his new job is all about.

  2. If Alun is focusing special attention on Penarth, it raises concerns about:
    a) how seriously he’s taking his new role (it seems he’s looking forward to plenty of spare time to devote to Penarth residents)
    b) what the residents of Baglan, Hirwaun etc. will make of his approach

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