Ruled by an Arrogant, Rich and Corrupt Elite

That’s more like it! We’re treated to the policy content we’ve been waiting for from the Communists this time (with thanks to DJ for sending the leaflet).

Rob Griffiths starts us off with a personal message that reveals that as MP he would take only the average wage of the constituency, and that he would vote “against everything that makes poor people poorer and rich people richer”. He also helpfully tells us not to vote for him if “you want a blue, yellow or pink Tory who’s looking for a cushy career”. Can anyone guess who he might be talking about?!

Here are his policies:

  • Tax the rich, big business and financial speculation
  • Cut VAT
  • Defend jobs, industry and public services
  • Increase pensions, benefits and student grants
  • Invest in public sector housing
  • Close British-run tax havens around the world
  • Cut gas and electricity prices
  • Take gas, electricity, the railways and the City of London into public ownership
  • Use nationalised banks to provide loans to home-buyers, small businesses and productive industry
  • Oppose the big business policies of the EU
  • Bring troops home from Afghanistan immediately
  • Scrap the next generation of British nuclear weapons

There’s a range of desirable aims there, although some would clearly be more difficult to achieve than others. For example, the idea of closing tax havens has a strong moral ring to it. Why should the uber-rich benefit from tax loopholes that the rest of us subsidise through higher income tax, VAT and the rest? And ending the UK’s military occupation of Afghanistan seems sensible on almost any level. On the other hand, “Cut gas and electricity prices” seems rather populist and, frankly, unachievable. But we’ve certainly been given much more food for thought than by the City of London Crooks.

The pamphlet is reasonably laid out, although the bullet points are too big and the spacing between these items too wide. And Rob is clearly a local candidate. However, somewhat surprisingly given that he is apparently the only bilingual candidate, there is not a smic of Welsh on the leaflet. Even the Socialist Labour Party managed to translate its name. Or perhaps for the Communists, as in Russia and China, it’s the Empire’s language that must rule over all dominions?


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