Election Address from the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats and Communists sent their election address late. However, in the interests of democracy I have decided to publish them – but with the penalty of getting just one day’s publicity.

I’ve lived locally for most of my life, from primary to PhD my education has been in Cardiff. My husband and I are bringing up our children here. I’m passionate about our community and that’s why I’ve been campaigning alongside local people against Cardiff Council’s congestion charge plans and to protect the green belt around Penarth.

As our local MP, my priority is bringing jobs and investment into our community. Our Deputy Prime Minister has recently travelled to Turkey and attracted £7 million investment for pipe manufacturing in Cardiff South. This will create jobs and also help boost our economy. I want to build on this achievement and attract more jobs here.

Labour left a legacy after 13 years of government with the highest percentage of youth not in education, employment or training. We need more help to get young people into work like the Lib Dem apprenticeship scheme that’s already making a difference for our young. I want to reinstall hope and aspiration in our youth, building a brighter future for Britain.  

I think Penarth deserves an MP that puts people first, not politics. An MP that focuses on delivering results rather than political point scoring. For too long Penarth hasn’t got its fair share of investment – and I will fight to put that right. Above all else, I will put local people and our community first. We deserve nothing less from our MP.

The Liberal Democrat record of delivering more jobs, more money for education, more investment in our transport system and fairer tax system is one that I am proud of and one that I hope to continue delivering if elected as your MP.

I want to give Cardiff South & Penarth a well deserved strong voice in Westminster, fighting with my colleagues in Government to get:

  • More Jobs and Apprenteships
  • A fair start for the next generation
  • A Fairer Tax System
  • Supporting our local economy
  • Spreading the Green Deal

An MP that listens, cares, understands and speaks is what I offer; an MP that will bring change for better; an MP worth voting for.


Rhowch sylw

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Gadael Ymateb

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