Work to Destroy Our Communities

Well the Labour team has been busy recently, with a veritable flood of leaflets. I’m starting to think that there won’t be time to review them all. But it’s thanks to GC for sending this particular one through.

Labour have jumped onto the “send a message” bandwagon by now, demonstrating tremendous ingenuity and originality of thought. Having said that, it’s a technique that apparently worked for Labour in May, so it’s no surprise to see all the non-UK Government parties using it.

The design is pretty good on the one side – clear text with enough ‘white space’. And the paper is proudly FSC certified, which is a plus. But turn over and – good grief – have we teleported back to the 80’s?! A crappy ‘cork-board’ style background with cheesy pin effect drags design to a new low even for Labour.

I guess we can forgive this document for being light on policy – with less than a week to go, it’s clearly a ‘get out the vote’ leaflet. But Stephen Doughty’s very presumptuous in assuming that the issues that matter to us are cuts to policing, regional pay and expensive energy. And as I’ve highlighted elsewhere, on policing and regional pay Labour is being hypocritical, and on energy I don’t see what Stephen is proposing, nor has the Labour Party come up with firm plans as yet. Basically, this is guff.

Where I agree with Stephen is that cuts to benefits and services are hitting the most vulnerable in our society hardest. But Labour is committed to wasting £83bn on renewing a nuclear deterrent that could never be used, and given the current financial climate I’d like to see where Stephen would find the money to reverse the cuts. I’m getting the uneasy feeling that Stephen isn’t competent to be dealing with complex trade-offs (or even some of the most obvious and simple ones such as Trident), and as our shoe-in MP from Friday, that’s a concern.

Stephen’s talent for hyperbole is shown to great effect in the next paragraph:

I won’t stand idly by and watch the Tories and Lib Dems work to destroy our communities and wreck our economy.

I find it difficult to conceive that even the most evil caricatures of Tory MPs could be eagerly plotting to “destroy our communities and wreck our economy”. If those are happening then it’s a side-effect of policies followed by the UK Government, not part of their work programme. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous at best.

Finally, as we’ve come to expect, the only place on a Labour election document you’ll see any Welsh is on the ballot paper, where Stephen will try to persuade those people who are positively inclined towards the language that he gives a fig.

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