Who Won’t Stop Fighting?

There’s been a long period of quiescence from the Lib Dems, so let’s welcome Bablin back to the fray (thanks to GC for the pdf).

Bablin’s catchphrase is “An MP worth voting for”. There’s something about putting the cart and the horse in the right order here, but let’s concentrate on the content of this 3-pager.

Whoooah! 3-pager? A blank page? But surely, one of the feeble reasons political parties give for not providing bilingual material is that they want to cram as much information in their election material as possible! Sadly, as we’ve come to expect from Bablin, the Welsh language just doesn’t exist.

Bablin tells us that she’ll fight for the best chances in life for her two daughters if she’s elected as MP for Penarth and Cardiff South, and then tells us that she wants to earn our support. In order to demonstrate that she’s working hard locally she provides examples including undermining the interests of the community of Cogan, working “with Ministers to help deliver more investment”, and of campaigning against an incinerator that was eagerly procured by her own party. I can’t help feeling cynical on the second example. Which Ministers? How pivotal was she in influencing investment decisions? Which local transport and industry schemes have benefited as a result? All we’ve got is assertions, which don’t go down well here.

In fact, on the following page, Bablin has now promoted herself to having “led local campaigns against… incinerator plans”. Well blow me down if Rob Griffiths as Chair of the anti-incinerator campaign wouldn’t have something to say about that. Bablin, don’t try and take credit for things you haven’t achieved. We’re used to politicians deceiving us, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like things to change.

We’re treated to the hilarious spectacle of the Lib Dems claiming that this election is a two horse race between themselves and Labour. Surprisingly, there are no graphs to accompany this claim. And she claims that “with the other parties out of the race, only Bablin  Molik… can stop Labour”. Well, with two days to go before election day, I haven’t heard that six candidates have withdrawn from the election.

But I am glad that Bablin has  a record of action for local people. The people who are local to London Industrial Park, that is. Because that’s where these information leaflets were printed. Providing income and supporting employment for people 200 miles from the constituency. Just remember that Bablin, who “won’t stop fighting for you”, claims to “stand up for local jobs and services” in this leaflet. Well thanks a bunch Bablin. With friends like you…

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