The Abhorrent Policies Stemming from Cardiff Bay

You don’t hear much of Arthur Scargill these days. But that’s put bang to rights with this offering from Andrew Jordan of the Socialist Labour Party, who helpfully sent through a pdf of his leaflet.

It’s a nicely laid out leaflet that suggests you pop it in the window to display your support. A nice touch. There are a few reasonable pictures, although Mr Scargill is looking rather pixellated. And there’s a good emphasis on social media, with highly visible twitter, website and Youtube links. He’s even cheekily managed to get a membership application form squeezed in!

So on policies we have:

  • A reversal of centralisation and privatisation in the health service
  • “Fully funded” local services and public resources
  • More jobs and training opportunities here
  • More new housing, including affordable and social housing
  • Bringing vacant council housing up to the Welsh Quality Housing Standard
  • And end to the education funding gap between Wales and England
  • Development of a “sustainable energy policy based on restoring traditional clean industries” – whatever that means
  • Closure of tax loopholes that cost the exchequer £120bn per year

I’m assuming that the evidently simple business of closing the tax loopholes will fund the rest of the measures.

Andrew’s testimonials are Arthur S – who says that Andrew will defend local people from “the abhorrent policies stemming from Cardiff Bay and Westminster” and Ricky Tomlinson of TV fame.

Ironically enough, for a party with minimal presence in Wales, it has more Welsh – pitiful though it is – than anything that Labour, the Lib Dems, the Greens, the Conservatives, UKIP or the Communists can come up with.

My main complaint with this leaflet is the obvious hypocrisy. After all, for someone who wants to see “more jobs and training opportunities HERE”, Andrew’s done his best to support the economy of Barnsley, where the leaflet was printed. And that taints his statement that:

We have no need to betray our principles in the expectation of advancement or career. If elected I will keep every single pledge in this leaflet…

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