Kick ‘Em In

And it’s bellicose language from UKIP (with thanks to DJ for sending the flyer), who’ll be hoping to swallow up some disaffected far-right Conservative votes on 15 November. They want us to “Kick in the ballot box”. But one section of society that’s sure to feel a kicking is local printers, because UKIP are as bad as the Conservatives when it comes to printing in Wales. This leaflet is printed by P&P Mailing in Stockport, although their website suggests they’re more of a shoestring operation that the Conservatives’ choice.

A vote for Simon Zeigler is apparently a vote for:

  • More jobs and houses for young people
  • Spending money on services ‘here’
  • A crackdown on crime, starting with anti-social behaviour

But this leaflet is the weakest of any of the ones we’ve been treated to so far on policy. Simon says “none of the tired old parties are listening” so we should send a clear message to Westminster that we’re “tired of being taken for granted”. Now I might just have heard that refrain elsewhere recently. And with an expansive range of messages to be sent from at least three other parties, there’s precious little here to entice the eager voters other than to stop “wasting money on the EU”. The same EU that has provided Wales with £1.5bn between 2000 and 2006, and £1.9bn between 2007 and 2013.


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4 responses to “Kick ‘Em In

  1. Kevin Mahoney

    Is it worth pointing out that far from providing Wales with £1.5bn = £1.9bn over a 13 year period in fact the British taxpayer as a net contributor has provided this ‘with strings attached’ sum of money after of course a large chunk has been kept by the EU for spending in other European countries.

    Presumably without this deduction more money might have been allocated to help Wales (as well of course as other hard pressed British regions)

    I always find very strange the logic from groups and individuals that claim your own money being given back to you after a large chunk is deducted is actually a ‘Grant’

    If you’re particularly flush anytime I’m alway availble to relieve you of any spare cash before giving it back to you a week later minus 35% – 40% as long as you’re prepared to walk round Penarth wearing a badge saying that I’ve just given you a grant.

    • Your argument might conceivably hold water at the UK level. From a Wales level it plainly does not. After all, retaining this money in London means that Wales would see precious little of ‘repatriated’ finance. Why? Because there has not been an effective UK regional development policy since the end of World War II – and if there had been, Wales would be just as prosperous as East of England or South East England instead of at the bottom of just about every economic league table.
      That’s why I trust the EU more than a UK Government to divest money in Wales’ best interests, whether that government be run by Conservatives, Labour or a coalition of any colour.

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