Election Address from Socialist Labour

Dear Resident,

In this by-election we will undoubtedly see the candidates from all of the ‘main’ four political parties in Wales making promises, which, if elected, they will once again be unable to keep.

You need only look at the ways in which politicians from these parties have acted either in Westminster, Cardiff Bay or local councils to see the reality of what happens when they are elected.

Candidates may make such promises but if elected their respective party will keep them very much in-line and you will have an MP that is just another nodding head in Westminster.

The Socialist Labour Party is fundamentally different. We are run and entirely funded by people who work hard for their money – people just like you.

We believe what we say and say what we believe and this is why I am proud to be contesting this by-election on behalf of the Socialist Labour Party. If elected I will be keeping every last one of my pledges from this campaign.

This is because I want Welsh schools to receive at least the same funding as those in England, because I want training, apprenticeship and job opportunities and an end to tuition fees so our young people can have a future to look forward to with hope and security. It is because I want healthcare services to remain within our local communities, because I believe we need to develop an affordable and social housing programme to avoid a housing crisis and because I believe South Wales can play a huge role in developing a sustainable and clean energy programme.

Most importantly it is because I want to ensure that the people of Cardiff South and Penarth have a future they can look forward too because you deserve better.

If this is the sort of future you want for your local community then I urge you to vote for me Andrew Jordan your Socialist Labour Party Plaid Lafur Sosialaidd candidate on November 15th.

This election address was written by Andrew Jordan, Socialist Labour Party candidate in the Penarth and Cardiff South by-election.


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