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It’s difficult to know where to start with this one (with thanks to blog reader ED for scanning and sending). After all, we’ve already seen some low-grade electioneering from the Lib Dems in preparation for an election whose date is still unknown. Does this one take the biscuit?

Dr. Bablin Molik (and we’re not to forget her academic title in this pamphlet) “lives locally in Cardiff South & Penarth”. But it’s no surprise to anyone to discover that she lives in Cardiff South and not Penarth. Because apparently her main campaign in this election – other than to support the continued poisoning of Cogan – is to upgrade local train services.

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly staggered when I refresh my memory that this dead-end town (in railway terms, cyfeillion!) of some 30,000 souls is blessed with trains to its three stations throughout the day every 15 minutes, six days a week. Can there be a better-served town in Wales on a branch line? And yet Bablin is out there campaigning for ‘more frequent services’. What does she want for Penarth? Trains every 5 minutes? And given that any improvements to services on this ‘do-nothing franchise‘ with Arriva Trains Wales would have to come either from further taxpayer investment (Welsh Government, not UK) or from degraded services elsewhere, I’d like to know just what Bablin’s solution is. After all, overcapacity is hardly the biggest problem we face on the Penarth train commute. For someone with a PhD, she’s not coming across as being well-endowed in the common sense department.

If she wants to get support for a local transport campaign then she’d be better off focusing on our dismal Sunday service. And while I’m at it, the other gripe that gets rail travellers’ goat is the seemingly interminable wait for the green man at the Dingle Road Station/Windsor Road Crossing.

The rest of the questions on this survey from our ‘neighbour’ Bablin appear to be taken from the textbook of bad survey practice. Leading questions, multiple questions with only one answer slot, and a mixture of metrics (yes/no, 1 to 5 scale).

And the Liberal Democrat standard on the Welsh language is maintained. It simply doesn’t exist. Which is slightly peculiar given that Jenny Randerson was Minister for Culture in Wales from 2000 to 2003. From Welsh language hero to zero in 9 years, that’s the Lib Dems for you.

This isn’t a genuine survey, of course. It’s poor electioneering branded as an attempt to seek community opinion. But there’s one light at the end of the pamphleting tunnel. If one or two Lib Dem supporters can be persuaded to register with Cardiff Central Liberal Democrats (who are the promoters and publishers of this information) then perhaps Bablin’s campaign in Penarth can be tailored just a little bit to represent what people who live here actually want.

By the way, I’d appreciate Bablin taking the plunge and sending me pdfs of her election material. As people who followed Penartha’rByd during the local election campaign will testify (and clearly Bablin wasn’t one of them), I’m harsh but fair. As a tantalising aside, an election pamphlet from one of Bablin’s contenders has just dropped into my inbox…


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2 responses to “Your Views Matter

  1. Likewise, David, I find the constant reference to “Doctor” grates after a while. Sure, one or two mentions, but eight?
    And you’re spot on with your concern that the Lib Dems could start removing documents from people’s letterboxes. That strikes me as something that might even be unlawful.

  2. Hysbysiad Cyfeirio: Record of Shame | penartharbyd

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