Liberal Democrats 2012

Next up for critique come the Lib Dems. Fielding a whopping two candidates, this is a party showing clear intent for the Penarth and Cardiff Central constituency in 2015. Intent to capitulate, that is.

Perhaps most interesting is not that both Lib Dem candidates came from outside Penarth, but that one of them who was going to stand in the Buttrills by-election in Barry on 2 August has withdrawn from the contest. Not just that, but he’s joined Plaid Cymru and is actively campaigning for Dr. Johnson. Well, if Damian’s stellar performance in Cornerswell can be replicated in Buttrills then Ian Johnson will be laughing all the way to his UB40.

I stated here that:

we see that the Liberal Democrats have finally recognised that the reorganisation of parliamentary boundaries means that they need to be active in Penarth to have any hope of winning Penarth and Cardiff Central in the UK Parliamentary Elections.

But we’ve seen astonishingly little activity from the Lib Dems in Penarth – they simply don’t seem to exist in town, and the evidence from May’s election proved the point. Yeah, sure, we get a bunch of Focus leaflets at every Welsh national and UK election, but just because Dominic Hannigan has posed at every Penarth landmark (note for future candidates, this means the pier and the clock roundabout) doesn’t mean he knows Dock Street from Marine Parade. And while we’re on Dominic Hannigan, it’s interesting to see that his Lib Dem webpage has been updated, erm, never, since November 2009. No doubt he’ll have been working hard for Penarth “not just at election time” come election time.

The Lib Dems were estimated to have received 16% of the vote in May’s elections. Clearly they got a lot more than 16% somewhere, because Penarth pulled down their average by some margin. As I reported here, Lib Dem candidates managed to conjure up interest from just 3% of the Penarth/Sully electorate in May.

More questions than answers for the Lib Dems in Penarth, then. And the biggest of these:

Where on earth do they go from here?


5 o Sylwadau

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