Greens 2012

I’ll start my party analysis in order of those that had least presence in the election right up to those that won most seats. Because Independent candidates lack the party (and in most cases historical) context I won’t be analysing their performance.

So I start with the Green Party, which had one candidate standing in 2012. It’s not the first time that a Green candidate has stood in Penarth; Cornerswell and Stanwell residents with long memories will recall having the option of voting for a Green back in June 2004.

Clearly the Green Party is weak in the Vale of Glamorgan, with just two candidates willing to stand in the name of the planet. The Green Party of England and Wales mandarins in London must be scratching their heads, after all in Cardiff they managed to field someone in every ward.

But how did our St. Augustine’s candidate do? According to this report, the average vote reaped by Green candidates in the May elections across Wales and England was 9%.  But this is on a basis of 454 wards, and the 943 candidates stood in far more than 454 wards. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that the vote was up by 1% in wards they’d “fought last year” (do they mean ‘last time’?). On that basis I confidently predict that in 28 elections’ time we can anticipate a green councillor in St. Augustine’s. If anyone’s still around to let me know in 140 years’ time I’ll be most grateful.

I’m sure that living a Green lifestyle will add years on to your life, but I’m not convinced that even Anthony Slaughter will be around by 2150. But Anthony polled significantly better than the average, getting support from 15% of voters, which is much better than the average for a Green candidate.

That’s probably reason enough to be feeling pretty pleased – and just possibly opens up the door to a Green councillor in Penarth this side of doomsday.

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