How Influential Was Penarth A’r Byd?

Several people have expressed an interest in the hits received by this blog in the run-up to the election on 3 May. Here’s the graph of hits received (click on the graph for a larger version).

So just how influential was Penarth A’r Byd in this election?

I think it’s fair to say that the influence was probably not that great. You can see on the graphic that the site got 176 hits on election day itself (it peaked on 4 May with 237 hits for those who are interested). Some of the people viewing this site would be candidates themselves, or people who have a very firm idea of their voting preference and therefore not swayed by the content.

But it’s also fair to assume that some hits came from people who wouldn’t necessarily have decided their voting preference before the day. People accessing this site are highly likely to be politically engaged, and therefore almost certain to vote. If nothing else, that should be reason enough for candidates to want to share their electoral material by emailing penartharbyd[a] or, as the enterprising Cornerswell Plaid candidates did, via a link to a social media page. And it’s not inconceivable that some of the articles might have influenced some people’s votes. Not that they would have been pointed in any particular direction. I hope most candidates would agree that this blog has maintained a politically neutral, objective viewpoint. That’s my intention at any rate.

Now let’s have a look at the election results to see who came closest to getting elected to truth-check my analysis. It looks like the closest failing candidate was the Conservatives’ Paul Church, who would have needed a whopping 160 additional votes to overtake Labour’s Gwyn Roberts in St. Augustine’s. So there we have it. If every single person viewing this site resided in St. Augustine’s and was in a two-way toss-up between Paul and Gwyn it’s conceivable this blog could have made a difference.

But in reality?


So does that spell the end for Penarth A’r Byd?

Fat chance.

3 Sylw

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3 responses to “How Influential Was Penarth A’r Byd?

  1. Rhys Wynne

    Although I don’t live in Penarth, I found this blog very interesting, and going to considerable detail for what is, after all, *just* a local election. Having said that, it’s really healthy that candidates at this level are scrutinised, as the bad (and good) ones at this level probably go beneath the radar of traditional media.

    I came across this site by looking at – did you deliberatly choose the Welsh language interface for that reason, although the blog itself is in English?

    • Thanks Rhys. Local political issues have been under-reported for a long time (and not only in Penarth). That was my main motivation for starting this blog.
      As for the interface, no real reason. Until recently I didn’t know that existed, although it’s nice to know it’s an avenue for people to access the site.

  2. Hysbysiad Cyfeirio: An Irresistible Offer | penartharbyd

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