Use Your Vote

The elections to determine which individuals and political parties will represent Penarth at the local authority level (as well as town councils) for the next five years are tomorrow. Use your vote.

Voter turnout at local elections in Wales runs at 44%. That means that 56% of people are happy to have no voice in decisions that affect social services, education, waste, local transport, planning, housing, libraries, parks and gardens… Use your vote.

We know that older people are much more likely to vote than younger people – twice as likely, by some counts. Does this mean that younger people trust older people to make decisions on their behalf? Look at the mess Wales is in today and ask yourself: have older people done a great job on my behalf? Young people, use your vote.

Older people know that other older people are most likely to exert political influence, and because they aren’t happy with other older people running their lives, that makes them more likely to vote. Older people, your peers are much more likely to vote than younger people. Do you really want your peers to be exerting more political influence than any other portion of society? Use your vote!

We know that poorer people are less likely to vote than richer people. Poorer people, do you really want richer people to be exerting more political influence than you do? That’s one of the reasons that they’re rich and you’re not – because the political system protects its own. Use your vote.

Women are less likely to vote than men. Think about all the men exerting political power in the world. Do you have faith in them? After all, they only gave you the right to vote (if you were over 21 years of age) in 1928. Women, use  your vote.

People from ethnic minorities are less likely to vote than white people. Is everything so hunky-dory for people of different skin colour that you can leave it to the white people? Use your vote.

Even if you spoil your ballot paper, you’re making a statement. But better than that, look into what the various candidates have to offer. I’ve given you a head start in this blog – there’s more than enough information here to help you come to a decision.

Use your vote.


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3 responses to “Use Your Vote

  1. This is excellent. I wish this was front page of today’s Penarth Times!

    • Thanks Luke. As it happens I’ll be releasing some stats before too long showing how much traffic has been to this site in the run-up to the election. If you consider that many people using this site are active citizens (certain to vote) then it could be a player with at least as much significance as the Penarth Times.

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