Grime Fighters

I suggested recently that the various Labour parties supported by Gwyn Roberts and Lis Burnett might be in financial dire straits. Nothing could be further from the truth! Just take a look at their latest glossy brochure, now in glorious technicolor (with thanks to blog reader TW). This seems to be extravagance of the highest order – don’t the Labour parties know that we’re supposed to live within our means?!

Gwyn and Lis are a bit more settled on the parties they represent now – it’s just Labour, St. Augustine’s Labour, Welsh Labour, Labour/Llafur and Co-operative (is there no Welsh word for co-operative?), Penarth Labour, and the Labour Party. Perhaps Gwyn and Lis can tell us why the Vale of Glamorgan Labour Party has withdrawn its support.

But if they’re extravagant on expenditure and nomenclature, they’ve suddenly become stingey on their pledges. A few short weeks ago we were treated to no less than 12 pledges, and now we have three. At least, three are clearly identifiable as pledges because they have ticks next to them. Are the ones with a scribbled-in box pledges or are they not? Impossible for anyone outside the Labour parties to know.

At least we know what the Grime Fighters will be. They’ll be appointed to “tackle dog mess and get our community cleaned up”. I hope they don’t mean this type of dump tackle – I don’t care how much they pay, diving into dog eggs all day long wouldn’t be my cup of tea. I’d like a bit more detail on how these GFs will be cleaning up our community too.

The re-introduction of traffic wardens takes a prominent place because “Labour wants to tackle the problem of parking in Penarth”. Is this the same Labour team that a fortnight ago assured us that they would “fight against car parking charges for Penarth town centre”? Could it just be possible that we could do away with both parking problems and traffic wardens by a simple system of parking charges or meters? But don’t just take my word for it, see what Professor Donald Shoup has to say on the subject.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the arithmetical box, but even I can see that it could be tricky doing everything that Gwyn and Lis are hoping to achieve when standing up for our older people (and they don’t just mean on the bus). They’ll reduce council tax for the over-70s, bring a multi-million overspend under control at the same time as providing new facilities specifically for older residents. Good luck!

I’m also interested to see how Gwyn and Lis’ determination to “stop the savage Tory cuts” squares with their parties’ leaders’ determination to continue the savage Tory cuts. There’s too much cognitive dissonance in this leaflet (including with its predecessor) to score highly under content I’m afraid.

Enough of the negative – I like the idea of the public having a voice at planning and scrutiny meetings, and I’m in favour of consultation, real or unreal. I also like the understated FSC certification that demonstrates that the paper comes from responsible sources.

Overall, this is a well-designed leaflet reminiscent of one fitting a central template. It has a mixture of fonts, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I have a few comments in this case. Firstly, the white font doesn’t provide very good contrast on the red and green. It’s worth looking at how the spacing between sentences can be evened out too. And aspiring politicians should always use a sans serif font because the serif style fonts such as that used on this blog are more difficult to read (and before you have a go at me, I’m restricted to one font type). By and large the images are appropriate (although we all know what a pothole looks like and it’s never going to make Landscape Photographer of the Year) and they’re bordered attractively. Finally, the request to display the ‘vote Labour’ sign in one’s window (Welsh invisible and therefore apparently irrelevant to the Labour parties who aim to support a thriving and vibrant Welsh language) means that for those who’ll be supporting Gwyn and Lis on 3 May, the recycling bin will be a less immediate fate.

Layout 7/10, Content 5/10

3 Sylw

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