Candidates 2012

Here’s the link to all the candidates in this year’s elections. For the sake of brevity I’ll use short forms of party names and just two names for candidates (with apologies to Jayne Constance et al.).

Candidates for the local authority are:


  • Conservative – John Fraser and Dorothy Turner
  • Labour – Rhiannon Birch and Peter King
  • Lib Dem – Damian Chick
  • Plaid – Luke James and Osian Lewis


  • Conservative – Maureen Kelly Owen and Clive Williams
  • Labour – Tracey Alexander and Philip Rapier
  • Lib Dem – David Ellis
  • Plaid – Sandra Clubb and Marc Jones

St. Augustine’s

  • Conservative – Paul Church and Sophie Williams
  • Green – Anthony Slaughter
  • Labour – Lis Burnett and Gwyn Roberts
  • Plaid – Niclas ap Glyn and David Wilton


  • Conservative – Ken Lloyd and Christopher Williams
  • Labour – Janice Birch and Mark Wilson
  • Plaid – Adrian Roper


  • Conservative – Anthony Ernest and Sarah Sharpe
  • Independent – Bob Penrose
  • Labour – Paula Hardy
  • Plaid – Carolyn Mirza-Davies
  • UKIP – Kevin Mahoney

Candidates for community councils are:


  • Conservative – John Fraser, Judith Fraser, Ken Lloyd and Alun Roberts
  • Labour – Tracey Alexander, Rhiannon Birch, Ian Courtney and Neil Thomas
  • Plaid – Luke James and Osian Lewis


  • Conservative – Anthony Ernest, Martin Turner, Wendy Van Den Brom and Clive Williams
  • Labour – Grace Busby, Evan Davies, Melissa Rabaiotti and Sheena Thomas
  • Plaid – Marc Jones

St. Augustine’s

  • Conservative – Paul Church, Kenneth Land, Sophie O’Donovan, Christopher Williams and Sophie Williams
  • Green – Anthony Slaughter
  • Labour – Lis Burnett, Rosemary Cook, Michael Cuddy, Philip Rapier and Gwyn Roberts
  • Plaid – Niclas ap Glyn, Sandra Clubb, Alwyn Evans and David Wilton

Sully community council is represented independently from Penarth and I have decided not to cover its activities.

There are just a few points I’d like to make about this list of candidates. Firstly, we see that the Liberal Democrats have finally recognised that the reorganisation of parliamentary boundaries means that they need to be active in Penarth to have any hope of winning Penarth and Cardiff Central in the UK Parliamentary Elections. In 2008 they had just one candidate in Penarth/Sully, Margaret Phelps in Stanwell.  This year’s two candidates are based in Barry and Llantwit Major.

The second is that half of the Labour candidates for local authority slots are on a joint ticket with the Co-operative Party. I think cooperatives are a good model for an ethical approach to business and I identify with many of the Co-operative Party ideals. Who, for example, would not concur that “people will achieve more by working together than they can by working alone“? The thing that intrigues me is that the Party works “in partnership with the Labour Party as its sister party to achieve these ends”. In other words, it’s the exclusive preserve of Labour candidates to label themselves as Co-operative, regardless of how well disposed towards cooperative ideals other candidates may be. This relegates the ‘party’ (it contests no seats in Wales) a subset of Labour. Which begs the question – what is the point of the Co-operative Party? Why doesn’t it just operate as a faction within the Labour Party like all the others?

Also intriguing is the absence of literature from the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru. Perhaps the Lib Dems have decided to focus elsewhere in the Vale (or more likely, Cardiff). But given that Plaid have got a full slate of candidates, I’m amazed that I’ve had nothing through from any of my readers. Could it be that they’ve actually taken ‘working for us year round, not just at elections’ to heart, and decided that they’re ‘working for us year round, and not at elections’? This would be a novel approach at electoral tactics!

Finally, given that none of our current crop of councillors is retiring, I expect you’ll be delighted to note that I  hope to be shortly uploading a post giving ratings of our current representatives. Those of you who’ve been complicit in poisoning your constituents might be inclined to look away…


10 Sylw

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10 responses to “Candidates 2012

  1. John Davies, StAugustines resident as of last week!

    Given the 2008 results, I imagine Plaid, like the Lib Dems, are concentrating their efforts on more winnable areas. Of course, Penarth has been in Cardiff South mode for the past two years so their activists might be split between Vale and Cardiff. Their Assembly candidate (Liz Musa) is standing in a relatively winnable area in Butetown – I imagine a lot of her Penarth team will be working for her campaign.

    Having said that. The facebook campaign page for the Plaid cornerswell candidates is pretty lively, they seem to be quite active.

  2. John Davies, StAugustines resident as of last week!

    PS. Do you know if there will be hustings in Penarth?

  3. Hi John, Thanks for clarifying – note that you missed a chance to put a link to the Plaid Cornerswell facebook campaign page: I have no idea whether or not there will be a Penarth hustings, but if I hear anything I’ll post or tweet.

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